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Subtle Flaws


"It means that I, and those like me, had our hands tied under extreme penalties. Especially given your special status in light of the fact that the Uchiha had self governance by the time of the situation which left you alone." He looked back at the boy evenly, fully aware what it meant, but unsure how hard it would hit the child. "In other words, the village only has control once the control is given, as was the case when you became a shinobi of the leaf. By that same token, none would have been able to adopt you, nor to approach you without first being approached."

Sasuke pondered on the statement for some time, his fingers gripping the warm cup. His eyes descended, observing the floor as his thoughts raced. He knew the Uchiha Clan kept to themselves, placed their own views on the village, but the memories were left hazy to overheard conversations an eight year old child was not meant to hear. Those heard words were usually spoken in light contempt, but the etched purpose underlying the reason was torn away over the fading lapse of time.

“I’m assuming those penalties remain intact for a reason then,” the Uchiha replied, glancing upwards. “I’ve been fine on my own regardless. I didn’t need anyone interfering in my life then and I don’t need it now. People aren’t as trustworthy as they appear. In which case, I don’t know your underlying purpose here. I may not be rotting in prison for treacherous actions but I’m wondering more or less what you want out of this. There’s always self-gain in transactions…”

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Repayment for Truth


"I never said anything like that. I just want you to understand exactly what it is you’re doing now. Because it’s going to hurt you, it’s going to come back on you, so you might as well get it.” He was quiet for a beat, watching the way he moved, the way he postured…

"And even if you can’t see him again, you can always see through his eyes. He very likely wanted exactly that."

Sasuke lowered his hand, his fingers hovering over his mouth as he underwent a drawn pause. The memories kept crashing against the walls of his mind, attempting to breach his instinctual resolve. His body felt heavy, the threat of tears at his loss brimmed against his closed eyes. “I never even considered… how Itachi must have been suffering… because I always thought he willingly killed them,” he uttered under the pressure of remaining calm. “There was barely a time where I haven’t done something that hurt me. I know the path I walk all too well.”

The Uchiha glimpsed in the other’s direction before dragging his stare away. Keeping any form of eye contact was useless. “My vision would taint his eyes… If what you said is true, Itachi saw the world differently. He saw light even when he was shrouded in darkness. But that light doesn’t exist for me… It hadn’t for a long time.” Even if it was the brightness in life his brother wanted him to see, it has long since burned out.

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And as I thought, it&#8217;s completely irrelevant to pretty much everything.

And as I thought, it’s completely irrelevant to pretty much everything.

Sometimes, yes. But just because it&#8217;s considered a virtue, it doesn&#8217;t apply to everyone&#8230;

Sometimes, yes. But just because it’s considered a virtue, it doesn’t apply to everyone…

"Which you would know. I can be patient when I want but most of the time I choose not to be."

"Which you would know. I can be patient when I want but most of the time I choose not to be."

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Patience clearly isn&#8217;t a trait I possess. I don&#8217;t see why you&#8217;d bother me with something you didn&#8217;t intend on telling me now.

Patience clearly isn’t a trait I possess. I don’t see why you’d bother me with something you didn’t intend on telling me now.

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          “—And who might you be?”

The teen tilted his head to the side, narrowing his eyes slightly.”Sasuke Uchiha,” he replied in a low tone.

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"Then what is it?" he asked impatiently.

"Then what is it?" he asked impatiently.

"What do you want?" he asked with a drawn sigh. "I&#8217;d rather not assume it&#8217;s unimportant&#8230;"

"What do you want?" he asked with a drawn sigh. "I’d rather not assume it’s unimportant…"